Do the Youth of the Country Actually Value Their Vote?

  • The youth that live in urban areas care highly about their vote and carry out extensive research about candidates before making an informed choice on who to vote for. The same cannot be said for the rural youth as data coming from the sector is still lacking, this causes a slight misinterpretation of the data and can lead to the misleading belief that ‘all youth research before they vote.’ It is imperative to know that while most of the youth — specifically those in urban regions — make informed decisions through reviewing all candidates, all the youth do not do so.
  • The youth vote is not set to have one particular outcome; there is little uniformity in who they choose. However, the youth vote is based on similar criteria, which is whether the candidate can deliver the economic and social change they wish to see, specifically those related to job creation. The youth vote with purpose, hence while we cannot necessarily expect younger leaders with their vote, we can expect leaders that care for the real issues that plague our country such as hunger, poverty and inequality rather than fighting out petty battles linked to their own dishonesty and corruption.

The objective of a ‘Think Article’ is to bring knowledge about policies in the sphere, in context to the youth of India and, if possible, influencing the policy process. The article has no motivation to pass any political judgments.


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